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Best 5 Golf Courses in Huntsville - Muskoka

Huntsville is a town not to be missed when planning a break away from the big city. Not Huntsville in Alabama, nor Huntsville, Texas. The place to visit is Huntsville, Ontario.

Huntsville is located about a 2-hour drive north of Toronto, and it is the biggest town in the municipality of Muskoka.

Huntsville is situated on a river connecting Lake Vernon and Fairly Lake and is located close to Algonquin and Arrowhead Provincial Parks.  It is surrounded by natural beauty and is considered one of Muskoka’s most picturesque towns.

The area is a growing center for eco-tourism, providing visitors with a rich choice of outdoor activities during the summer, including hiking, cycling,  jet skiing, and fishing, among other options. Huntsville is also a top destination for cottage rentals and golf as it is close to multiple championship golf courses and country clubs. Muskoka Cottage, which is located just a short car or boat ride from Huntsville, makes the perfect starting point for any local adventure.

We selected what we believe are five of the top golf courses to visit in or near Huntsville and provided a quick review of each.

Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course

Deerhurst Highlands Golf CourseFor several reasons, Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course is one of Muskoka’s most attractive and well-known golf courses. Read on to see what makes this course stand out.

About Golfing at Deerhurst Resort

Deerhurst Resort is among Ontario’s top golf destinations and can take credit for popularizing and encouraging golfing development in Muskoka (and Canada in general) over the past 30 years.

The resort is home to two of Muskoka’s most beautiful golf courses: the Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course and the Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course, which we’ll review next. The resort features a full suite of services for visitors, including great food and drinks, a spa center, and special golf vacation packages.

Overview of Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course

Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course was designed in 1990 by Thomas McBroom and Robert Cupp, quickly becoming one of Muskoka’s most popular golfing destinations. It has been ranked as  one of Canada’s top 50 public golf courses.

The 7,000-yard golf course features 18 holes sprawled along a quaint and forested landscape with natural outcrops and a fairway that overlooks Fairy Lake. The changing terrain also includes part of the famous Canadian Shield, while the course stretches across a rugged landscape.

The Highlands Halfway House is open all week and it is a great place to grab a bite or a quick refreshment.

Tournament Planning

Deerhurst Resort is located a short drive from downtown Huntsville, and is equipped for golfers of all skill levels. In addition, the resort can help arrange a golf tournament for small groups of up to 12 people.

The matches can be arranged on either of the two Deerhurst golf courses, with Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course being the more exclusive.

Online Booking

Games and lessons at Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course can be booked through the resort’s online booking platform.

Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course

Deerhurst Lakeside Golf CourseDeerhurst Lakeside Golf Course is the second golf course at the Deerhurst Resort that, making the resort one of the top golfing centers in Ontario.

Overview of Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course

The Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course was designed  in the mid-1960s by C.E. Robertson. Later, it was re-designed by McBroom in 1988 and became one of Muskoka’s and Ontario’s signature golf courses.

Like the Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course, the Deerhurst Lakeside is just a 10-minute drive from Huntsville.

It is a 9-hole course and, therefore, shorter than the adjacent Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course. However, this course is no less appealing with various challenging valleys and grassy knolls.

Tournament Planning

The Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course overlooks Peninsula Lake allowing for relaxing warm-ups and golf lessons. 

Alongside Deerhurst Highlands, Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course is also available for hosting small or large golf tournaments with family, friends,  or colleagues. The resort’s golf team can assist with arranging a tournament event and creating an even more enjoyable and personalized experience.

Golf Lessons

Deerhurst Lakeside offers golf lessons with the help of the two-time Canadian national champion Paul Kennedy.

Kennedy’s professional golfing experience and skill offer invaluable lessons for beginners as well as experienced golfers who want to refine their skills.

Online Booking

A guest tee time or a golf lesson at Deerhurst Resort can be arranged through the resort’s online booking platform. Additionally, the Deerhurst golf app can be used for booking and redeeming special offer.

Grandview Golf Club

GRANDVIEW GOLF CLUB​The Grandview Golf Club is another great golfing destination near Huntsville.

About Grandview Golf Club

Grandview Golf Club is part of the ClubLink family of golf clubs, which numbers nearly 50 golf courses at over 30 locations in Florida, Quebec, and Ontario.

The golf club is easily accessible and located a short drive from Huntsville.

Grandview Golf Course Overview

As its name suggests, the Grandview Golf Course features excellent views, a challenging undulating fairway surrounded by greenery on almost all sides, and great vistas of Fairy Lake.

Architect Brit Stenson designed the course with former PGA Tour tournament winner and veteran golfer Mark O’Meara as the co-designer. The course’s official name is the Mark O’Meara Grandview Golf course, and it opened in 2001.

The course can accommodate golfers of all levels, with shifting elevations making for both fun and challenging rounds.

Grandview Golf Club Events

The Grandview Golf Club is hosts weddings, business meetings, banquets, and other special events. It has banquet facilities that can host up to 250 guests, making it suitable for various events. 


Charity, business or fundraising tournaments can be hosted at the Grandview Golf Club.  For these events the clubhouse amenities and other Grandview services are made available. Depending on the group or event size, the golf club can organize limited tournaments or arrange to have the entire field with all amenities readily available.

Diamond in the Ruff Golf Course

Diamond in the RuffThe Diamond in the Ruff Golf Course offers excellent views and challenging terrains for golfers of every skill level.

About Diamond in the Ruff Golf Club

The Diamond in the Ruff Golf Course is located about 30km southwest of Huntsville, but is well worth the drive. It was designed by Stephen Young and the course opened in 1993.

Overview of Diamond in the Ruff Golf Course

Diamond In The Ruff Golf Club features a 9-hole golf course and is open from early April to early December.

A driving range, rental carts, and rental clubs are available, as are dining and other facilities.

The course stretches over 2,700 yards and the surrounding garden-like greenery is enjoyed by all golfers.


Diamond in the Ruff can accommodate small-group events comprising between 16 and 36 players and groups with 36+ players who want to organize tournaments. The club also offers golf lessons for adults, while children, accompanied by an adult, can participate in the lessons for free.

Huntsville Downs Golf Course

Huntsville Downs GolfThe Huntsville Downs Golf Course is a reasonably-priced course boasting superb grass and breathtaking scenery, accompanied by friendly staff.

About Huntsville Downs Golf and Country Club

The Huntsville Downs Golf Course  is located a short 10-minute drive from Huntsville city.

The course was designed by John F. Robinson a noted golf course architect and the American Society of Golf Course Architects founder Stanley Thompson. The Huntsville Downs Golf and Country Club was built in the Canadian Shield and offers beautiful scenery, and more than 250 yards of driving range.

Overview of Huntsville Downs Golf Course

The Huntsville Downs Golf Course is one of Muskoka’s most popular golf destinations.

Huntsville Downs is an 18-hole par 72 course stretching nearly 6,500 yards along a scenic landscape in the Canadian Shield. Players can practice shooting on the driving range and measure their yardage with markings between 100 and 225 yards. There is also a par three practice hole where practice sessions can be scheduled.

The golf course is great for both beginners and experienced players and  features different facilities, including a barbecue and a patio where golfers can enjoy a short break before or after the game.